Many people count on they'll wear dentures ultimately. However, with proper care, your teeth can easily last a life-time. That said, if you were to lose most of your teeth, dentures can replace them and restore your smile.

And even if you are only lacking some of your natural teeth, you can consider using dentures. They allow you to appear younger. Dentures allow easier speaking, chewing and swallowing.

Styles of dentures

There are two kinds of dentures: full and partial. Each type is crafted from an impression of the wearer’s mouth. Once the mould is made and the measurements are despatched off to a dental lab to be made into dentures, our dentist fits a transient denture.

Dentures are secured with the aid of attaching to or fitting over any ultimate natural tooth or implants.

Denture care

Looking after your dentures is important for your ordinary oral health. Here are some tips on how to maintain them in proper situation:

  • clean dentures over a water-stuffed sink to prevent harm if they're dropped
  • put in a small quantity of liquid hand soap at the denture brush and brush all surfaces, including the clasps on a partial denture
  • rinse properly with water
  • store dry in a labelled denture cup
  • to re-insert dentures, moisten them first with water to prevent soreness